Meet the Man Who Wears a New Tie to Work Every Day

Ian Squires wears a different tie to the office every single day.

He said he started it to spice up his life – Now, It IS his life!

“The truth is I’m a mediocre guy stuck in a mediocre world just trying to create sunlight somewhere,” Squires tells WJLA.

Seven years ago Ian says he needed a way to spice up his life.

“I’m bored. It’s something to do, to amuse myself,” says Squires.

And for him, it all started with a tie.

“I had to wear a necktie to work anyway.”

So Ian decided, “The one rule of this is that it must be easy.”

From that day on, he would wear a different tie to work every single day.

“I refuse to spend more than one dollar on a tie and in time, friends enjoyed this and started sending me ties.”

After work, he takes off his tie and places it on the wall in his office.

“I had the entire wall from ceiling to wall covered. I had to squeeze in more and more ties and its just ridiculous.”

Nearly 1,600 ties later Ian still posts his daily tie to his blog.

He was once the only person to view the site. Now, more than 30,000 people taken notice after a Facebook post about his hobby went viral.

“The comments people gave were so so complimentary.”

Complimentary and appreciative of the little things in life. Even a new, funky tie.

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