Chase Down Podcast: WNEP Meteorologist, Joe Snedeker On His Passion For Science, Weather, Life & A Conversation About Climate Change

WNEP-TV meteorologist, Joe Snedeker has a passion for science, weather and life that is unmatched. His energetic, informative, charismatic and unique style of presenting the weather on television has made him a household name in Northeastern and Central PA.

Chase and Joe discuss Joe’s upbringing, how he found his passion for science and weather, as well as his long and successful career at WNEP. Then, the two have a conversation about climate change. You can listen to Joe Snedeker’s podcast ‘Mr. Curiosity’ here:

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  • Rob

    Too bad climate change is biggest hoax of our lives. Oceans haven’t risen 1 inch, if this were going to happen the people with the money wouldn’t be investing all over Florida’s coasts. When ice melts the water level does not rise. Get glass of ice water and look for yourself.

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