Time for a Chimney Sweep

LEHIGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- On a rainy day like this at the Chimney Man near Gouldsboro, the work is done inside the factory building chimney liners. This is their busiest time of the year. They say if you haven't thought about getting your chimney inspected yet, now might be the time to do it.

"Carbon monoxide, as they call it the silent killer. Over 500 people in the U.S. die a year from carbon monoxide," said Hector Rivero, The Chimney Man.

If your chimney is damaged on the inside or even if it's clogged or blocked with leaves or soot, carbon monoxide can build in your home and can be extremely dangerous.

"If they see white stains on the outside, if they see missing mortar between the bricks, loose bricks, crumbling parging, flaking paint. Those are all signs that their chimney is damaged on the inside."

Your chimney might look OK on the outside, but it could be damaged on the inside, which is why you should get in inspected every year.

"Now is the best time before you turn on your furnaces. Winter is very harsh up here, so it can really take a toll on the chimney."

The Chimney Man actually makes its stainless steel chimney liners right here in Pennsylvania, so employees can install them even faster, and they say it's the most affordable way to meet fire codes for your home.

"We would make it custom to the specifications to that furnace, so it can be even more effective and keep all the deadly fumes inside the chimney," Rivero said.


  • Hector Rivero

    Thank you for helping us raise awareness on the dangers of CO2 and damaged chimneys

  • bullwinkle6669

    “Over 500 people in the U.S. die a year from carbon monoxide”

    Ban CO.

    Only the military should have something that causes so much destruction.

    We need some common sense CO laws.

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