Threats Close Blue Ridge Schools

NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Classes were canceled Friday in the Blue Ridge School District in Susquehanna County.

Officials say they received a threat and they need to investigate. They plan to reopen schools in the district on Monday.

"I wasn't really surprised, everybody makes threats. You don't know if you should take them seriously, not take them seriously, you never know what's going to happen," said Jessica McEwen, a student at Blue Ridge High School.

"I think it's terrible. And it never happens around here," said Edward Wright of Jackson Township.

This is the third district to close because of threats this week.

In Lackawanna County, Dunmore canceled classes Wednesday and West Scranton High School dismissed students on Thursday, both because of bomb threats.

No bombs were found in either case.

The popular Bell Game that matches Scranton High Football versus West Scranton has also been pushed back to Sunday afternoon.

"They know all they have to do is make some kind of vague threat. If they can shield it, then they can get out of going to school and they can disrupt. If it's somebody who's disgruntled, whether it's an adult or child, somebody who's not happy with the system, they can get out of it or they can have the power to shut everything down," said Dave Munson of New Milford Township.


  • Finnegan Pin

    We used to settle schoolyard beefs in the schoolyard. With our fists. Got a shiner? Badge of honor. Maybe these pu**ies need a hug and participation trophy.

  • Bob Stevens

    You can censor comments and suppress the FACTS all you want… it is the truth that the more you hype shootings and threats the more they happen. This is exactly what the media, leftist, and dems want so they can pass their tyrannical laws by tugging heart strings over the still warm bodies of children.

  • Elizabeth Frailey Storr

    I feel badly for the people who think “nothing like this ever happens here”. If, for one minute, you think it will never happen around here, you need to wake up. These threats have turned into reality in places time and time again where people also said, “nothing like this ever happens here”. Things like this happen anywhere, anytime. Please, don’t hide under that rock any longer, it does happen.

  • Fuji086

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this one’s connected to the same person or group of people behind the Dunmore and W. Scranton threats.

  • The Conservative

    Back in the day we’d wake up and listen for our school number on snow days in hopes of not having school that day ….. today the kids call in bomb threats when they don’t want to go to school.

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