Iconic Locomotive Getting Restored in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- One of Steamtown National Historic Site's most iconic attractions is getting a fresh look.

Steamtown's Union Pacific Railroad steam locomotive, known as Big Boy, is getting restored.

The locomotive will get some improvements including fresh paint.

While the train is being restored, Steamtown will set up a temporary exhibit showing the progress of the restoration.

The train is the only one of its kind found east of the Mississippi River.


  • Matt Berns

    This will be really awesome. If they fully restore it they’ll probably send it to another museum or organization though. Restoration costs will be crazy. Many tracks can’t handle the weight of it.

  • Mark Thepoll

    Restoration means they are putting it back into working condition, like Union Pacific recently did to 4014. I highly doubt that Steamtown could afford that expense. It is more likely they are just doing some preservation on it to keep it from degrading further.

    • nowiseenitall

      The 4014 is the only big boy in operation. Steamtown did have a part of the restoration, they relined the wheels. I’m sure you already know that union Pacific is the actual owner of 4014 and was easily able to fund the restoration. I can’t see steamtown being able to fund a complete restoration bringing 4012 back to operating condition. I wish people would report a story truthfully instead of using a play on words.

      • Mark Thepoll

        Steamtown has restored locomotives in the past, and are easily qualified to do wheel work. I didn’t know they were in on this work as well. U.P. sourcing some of the job is a smart move for both cost, time and bragging rights for those who had a hand in it. I haven’t found a reliable cost figure yet, but I estimate about ten million with five years of work at a fully dedicated and staffed shop is a bit more than Steamtown is likely to tackle at this time.

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