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Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes Part of Interstate 80 East in Columbia County

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Part of a highway was closed Wednesday morning due to a multi-vehicle crash in Columbia County.

Five vehicles were involved in the crash around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday in a construction zone near the Buckhorn Exit (232) on Interstate 80 east.

State police say a tractor-trailer was speeding and didn't slow down.

At least one driver was taken to a hospital.

The highway reopened by about 10 a.m., according to PennDOT.

For the latest on the traffic conditions, click here.


  • bullwinkle6669

    “State police say a tractor-trailer was speeding and didn’t slow down.”

    Whaaat!? A paid professional with special training didn’t follow the rules and caused an accident where someone got hurt? Can’t be…

    Maybe PennDOT should put signs up saying ‘Construction Ahead’ or ‘Work Zone – Reduce Speed’ or something like that…

    • Richard Metzger

      I have yet to meet a “professional” truck driver. They are all cocky and believe they are above the law. If I had a dollar for every trucker that I witness blatantly ignoring road signs or the most basic rules of the road, I could retire. They just don’t care. Anything with four wheels is a nuisance to them. My dad had a cousin that was a “professional” truck driver who used to brag about how he could outrun any other trucker on the road. I even had a trucker come after me with a pipe for stopping him because he lost an axle on interstate 80. They just don’t care!!!
      Personally if these idiots would suffer some real consequences for their actions maybe attitudes would change. Start suspending their licenses, ban them from driving, make them park the truck and force the trucking company to send replacement drivers. Maybe then there would be change.

    • bullwinkle6669

      PEATERMOSS likes to prove how dense he is by trying to compare a speeding car driven by any random boob to so-called ‘professionals’ that habitually crash in construction zones, hurting (and sometimes kil.ling) people, destroying property, and being a burden on emergency services. I agree with Richard, a lot of them are arrogant reckless cowboys. There’s still some good ones but they’re the exception.

      • peatermoss

        Oh look another SUV roll over, oh that car hit a pole, and look at that car in the store window, and did you see that car in the front porch, and another wrong way driver, that cop directing traffic in the intersection just got clipped by a car.
        But all’s good because these boobs are not being paid to drive, so they get.

        A FREE PASS to be idiots behind the wheel .

      • Richard Metzger

        I never said 4 wheelers get a free pass. If you want to be considered a “professional “ then act like one. Take responsibility for you actions and accept the consequences. Doctors get sued for malpractice, lawyers get disbarred, plumbers and contractors lose their licenses, all “professionals”, yet truckers rarely get punished. Maybe a slap on the wrist, a fine and it’s back behind the wheel doing the same old crap.

      • bullwinkle6669

        PEATERMOSS likes to defend truckers but he fails to understand the ‘higher standard’ concept. It has a lot to do with the cortex in his brain that should also tell him that watching furry porn is a sickness and fantasizing over anime cartoons is the next step to pedophilia but he doesn’t seem to care.

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