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Lewisburg Studying Effect of Truck Traffic on Market Street

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- There are concerns in one community in Union County that large trucks are hurting its downtown.

Lewisburg is conducting a traffic study to see how that truck traffic is affecting a portion of Market Street.

Market Street in downtown Lewisburg is known for its historic buildings and quaint shops and stores, but according to businesses along it, it's getting known for something else: large trucks.

“Over the past couple of years, the truck traffic has increased significantly. It created a safety issue as well as just a lack of an enjoyable experience for customers,” said Coleby Kauffman, the owner of Tastecraft Café.

Kathy Snyder owns Brushstroke and says those trucks pose a threat to the people and buildings on Market Street.

“The vibrations to the buildings, when the heavy trucks go by, that concerns me it's going to be a serious problem with the road and everything else. That Pennsylvania window,” said Snyder as she pointed at large letters that spell Pennsylvania in her storefront window. “I had letters fall off the other day when one went by that shook everything, and that's kind of scary.”

Now, the borough has hired an engineering firm to study how those trucks are impacting the downtown.

“The economic impacts to the vitality of the downtown,” said Kim Wheeler, the special projects manager for Lewisburg. “It's looking at the pavement conditions of the infrastructure, at not only of the Market Street, which is a PennDOT-owned state highway but also of the borough infrastructure and all of the collector streets that lead up to that arterial.”

The study's findings are expected to be released during a 6 p.m. public meeting on October 16 at the Campus Theater on Market Street.

People say it's sometimes hard to cross Market Street.

“I do think there is times, especially during the weekends, when there's a lot more pedestrian activity.

“It seems to be having issues,” said Shannon Davis from Winfield.

“It can damage the town, and that's, you know, the town's been here a long time. We'd rather it stays in better shape,” said Snyder.

The borough plans to share the findings with PennDOT to discuss if and how to move forward.


  • peatermoss

    As predicted


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    I’m still McLovin it


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    Complements of my number one fan, how do I know this, because I got a notice from WordPress that Jimbrony is following my every comment.
    It’s nice to have a following.


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    Build a by pass like Tunchannock did.

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    OCTOBER 3, 2019 AT 12:00 AM REPLY REP

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  • scurfie

    Lewisburg did everything it could to make driving through town as painful as possible. They added curb extensions at each corner, no right turns on red anywhere and left turns at each intersection with no left turn signal arrow. Add major PennDot road construction that doesn’t allow truck traffic and this is what happens to your historic little area. Market Street is part of state route 45 by the way. Lewisburg should have built a bypass long ago.

  • NoSense kid

    Why do us truckers have to keep suffering? Construction blocks us from using road. So to keep people from crying. We have to drive miles out of our way. Making the day longer then it already is. When you work a 9 to 5 and you go over your hours. That’s no big deal for you. You will just get over and get paid. We get 11 hours of drive time. Once we hit 11 hours we are done. You can’t move the truck your stuck wherever you are. As far as safety hazard. It’s not any more unsafe than the thousand of drivers going through there playing on the phone.


      ‘I have to do my job and follow rules, and it’s not fair.’

      Well Skippy, I’d rather deal with Suzy soccer mom in her mini van on the phone than some reckless Roger Ramjet in a 40 ton death machine that thinks he owns the road.

      • JIMBRONY

        Wrong. Retired, still have it. Wasn’t my main job. I told you before but you don’t listen. Or want to believe. Stop lying about me, you don’t know me.

      • NoSense kid

        I doubt this man has ever had a CDL. It talks like a person that doesn’t know a thing about trucking.

        Well skippy going through lewisburg isn’t against the rules.


      Nobody ever said you couldn’t go through Lewisburg.

      I don’t need to prove myself to you or that bozo PEATERMOSS.

      Your name suits you, BTW.

  • whopperplopper

    that’s easy to fix.
    clear a big lot on both sides of town, then have the merchants come get their freight from the trucks parked in the lots.


      Last time I checked I don’t think the quaint shops, boutiques, restaurants, and residents on Market Street didn’t need their goods delivered in a tri-axle dump truck or semi-trailer. Could be wrong though…

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