BB Gun Pellets Hitting Vehicles on Interstate 84

BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- At least five vehicles were hit by what appears to be BB gun pellets on Interstate 84 in Pike County.

Most of the incidents reported to state police happened by the ongoing construction project near Lords Valley.

State police would only tell us that this is an ongoing investigation and that they believe the BBs were fired from a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Image provided by State Police

We talked to some drivers who heard about the situation. Some are frustrated while others are afraid to travel in that area of Interstate 84.

Arlene Keane knows someone whose car was hit.

"We were just talking about it right now because I am heading down that way to Price Chopper. Anyone heading that way it's dangerous, period," Keane said.

According to state police, at least five vehicles have been hit since the weekend.

"We saw the whole thing on social media. Friends of friends had put on there about their cars getting hit by some type of gunshots, BB, or whatever several times," said Don Bishop of Beach Lake. "It's just silly. Out on the highway like that? That's dangerous."

People we spoke to believe not only is this a safety concern for drivers, but also construction crews who might be out working.

"I don't know why whoever is doing what they are doing. If it's kids, find something else to do. Go to school, skateboard. You don't have to shoot up people's vehicles with BB guns. There's so many more things for you to be doing," said Andrea Bishop of Beach Lake.

If your vehicle gets hit or if you have any information about who is shooting at vehicles, you're asked to contact state police at Blooming Grove.

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