Luzerne County Pushes to Get Students Registered to Vote

DALLAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- We are one week away from the voter registration deadline for the November elections. County officials and schools in Luzerne County are working to make sure everyone eligible to vote is registered.

Inside the cafeteria at Dallas High School, some students had the opportunity to do something other than eat lunch or study for their next exam.

Students who will be 18 years old by November 5 sat down and signed up to vote.

"It makes me feel pretty cool that I'm going to have a say this year, you know? And what happens in the world," said senior Derrick Cook.

"Just to make sure that your voice is heard and make sure you're going to have a say in what's going to happen in the country," added senior Dean Shaver.

Luzerne County Councilman Patrick Bilbow says this registration drive is part of an effort by the county to get young adults active in the voting process,

"It really becomes a way of life for them, which is what my goal was, and is exciting about the initiative to see all of these kids the first time in their life that they're eligible, to get them registered and to get them to participate and to see that what they have to say goes a long way," Bilbow said.

Teachers at Dallas High School tell Newswatch 16 it's great to see so much enthusiasm over registering to vote.

"It's great to have the support of both state and local leaders here at Dallas High School for voter registration and civic engagement in our schools," said teacher Meredith Recek.

Students are happy their voices will be heard, and that the opportunity came to them. Otherwise, they say, they wouldn't have known where to sign up.

County leaders say they plan to visit other schools in the area to try to get everyone eligible registered by the October 7 deadline.

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  • lickerblisters

    That’s right Luzerne county, get your little liberal soldiers all registered up. Then y’all wonder why you’re paying a Rain Tax. After these kids get brainwashed you’ll be paying a Wind Tax too! 😆

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