State Store Worker Charged with Illegally Selling Alcohol

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An employee at a state liquor store is facing felony charges after allegedly selling a popular whisky under the table for her own profit.

State police say this state store employee took advantage of a popular whisky being sold this summer. She purchased bottles herself and then sold them to a customer in cash at a markup.

It happened at The Fine Wines and Good Spirits store on Northern Boulevard in South Abington Township back in August.

When a customer came in looking for bottles of Crown Royal peach-flavored whisky, which was apparently in high demand and sold out from every store in Lackawanna County.

According to court papers, the employee, Kristen Lachovicz, 29, of Eynon, told the customer that she had the product at home and was willing to sell it to her.

A few days later, when the customer came to the store, Lachovicz gave her two bottles in exchange for cash at a price about a third higher than what the store was selling it for.

State police got wind of the alleged scheme when the same customer called another state store looking to buy more bottles of Crown Royal peach at the marked-up price.

Kristen Lachovicz is facing an unusual felony charge that has to do with state employees interfering with the state's liquor sales. She's due in court for a preliminary hearing next week.


  • eye4ni

    Word Problem of the Day:
    If Jenna works at the liquor store that only gets three cases of Baby Puke Vodka due to limited supply. And Jenna knows how many people buy Baby Puke Vodka sell for on a daily basis. The liquor store has a maximum purchase amount of 2 BOTTLES per person. Jenna also has the ability to purchase Baby Puke Vodka before any paying customer due to being an employee at the store. Jenna buys the all three of the CASES of Baby Puke Vodka, and brings it home and stores it in her basement. The following day Joe Imbeingrippedoffjenna from Slappies Bar shows up. Joe wants to buy Baby Puke Vodka for his customers. Jenna responds sorry this store is sold out due to the limited supply, BUT I have 3 cases at my house. I will sell you them at a price much greater than what the store is selling BABY PUKE VODKA. What is the outcome of this transaction?

    Answer: Jenna gets arrested

      • eye4ni

        Shes not ripping off the Liquor Store – Shes ripping off the customer –
        Imagine if every liquor store clerk did this to supplement their income.
        She knows what a bar buys, needs, and pays to keep their customers happy.
        She knows that the bar would need to good miles away to purchase the booze from a different store due to the bar needing a specific booze.
        She knows that the bar owner will pay additional money to acquire the booze to keep his customers happy.
        I’m guessing the she was doing this for a long time – And someone caught her in the act.
        $70 Bottle of booze + $20 mark up per bottle

  • jsrant

    If she purchased the item from the state well they got their money. So she sells it for a profit, big deal. Maybe selling her bottles at the store is wrong. Possible be fired for it but felony charges, really? What a joke.

    • savescrantonhistory

      That was her biggest mistake was not selling it off store premises. Otherwise she’s no different than other folks who buy something that may be in high demand with low supply to resell.

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    How can you interfere with sales if you can’t procure the product ? The state can’t even start to prove these charges and the employee is in free enterprise and just lucky enough to have bought those two bottles- My relation bought wine at cosco and resold it at a whopping profit and all because he used his wits and was right , Watch out if you auction napoleon brandy in PA .

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