State Senate Passes Bill to Raise Minimum Age to Buy Tobacco


HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The state has taken another step to raise the minimum age to buy vaping and tobacco products.

Right now, the minimum age to buy that stuff in Pennsylvania is 18.

On Wednesday, the state Senate passed a bill that raises the age limit to 21

Already, states like New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and 15 others already have laws like that or will soon.

State senators are hoping if it passes, the law would keep younger teens from becoming addicted to vaping and tobacco products.

On Wednesday, federal officials held a special hearing to learn more about the dangers of vaping.

Officials with the centers for disease control and prevention say most kids don't even realize e-cigarettes contain nicotine.

Federal officials are considering banning certain vaping products.

The governor says he supports the bill and would sign it into law if it's approved by the statehouse.


  • Denpachii

    Yep, that will work! Not. How many times do you think the underage have other people buy for them, or just steal cigs or alcohol from parents or others?

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