Headstones Damaged at Cemetery in Carbon County

SUMMIT HILL, Pa. -- Headstone after headstone, knocked over or left in pieces, can be seen at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery in Summit Hill.

According to police, this has been a problem all summer long.

Karen Miller is the secretary of the cemetery.  However, to her, the damage is also personal.

"I just don't understand it all. This is devastating to a lot of people, most people. For me, personally, I have family in this place. I have a whole family history in here," said Miller.

Just last week, two kids were caught on surveillance video knocking over headstones. Police say both will be charged for damaging property.

Miller says most of the other damage throughout the cemetery was not caught on tape, adding, it's hard to figure out who is responsible.

"Now that we have the proof, the burden of proof, are they (police) doing something about it? I just don't understand it all," said Miller.

Headstones aren't cheap to fix. In fact, much of the cost is going to fall on the cemetery.

Craig Walters runs Walter's Monument Company just a few feet away from the cemetery. He will be fixing some of the damaged stones.  Some are more than 100 years old.

"We are going to have to replace some of them, yes, we will. Other ones that aren't damaged other than being pushed over we will have to go up and reset them. Some of them are quite heavy and awkward to handle at this point," said Walters.

Police say they will continue to watch the cemetery.  The chief tells Newswatch 16 that anyone else caught destroying property will also be charged.


  • Denpachii

    Some day I would like to see a story about someone surrounded by damaged stones, laying on the lawn with their leg pinned under their last bit of work, crying for someone to get them out while the police and news crew take their picture, then later getting the bill for all the repairs.

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