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Bloomsburg Fair from A to Z

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Here's a look at the fun at the Bloomsburg Fair from A to Z.

A is for apple dumplings, tasty and sweet,

B is for butterflies, colorful and petite.

There are many Cows at the fair, moo is what they say

Our veterans are being honored on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

E is for entertainment, there's plenty of that.

F is for fried food, but don't worry it won't make you fat!

Grape stomping makes up our letter G.

And the Horses here are pretty as can be.

Ice cream is best enjoyed on a hot day.

So is juice which stands for the letter J.

Karaoke is fun during the night or day with a Lemonade in hand, strolling down the Midway.

N is for Newswatch 16's Nikki Krize.

O is for orangeade and P is for prize!

Q is for the Bloomsburg Fair's queen

Wait, they let Robots in here? Don't they screen?

The Skyride lets you see the Bloomsburg Fair from all the way up there!

What is a fair without a Tractor?

Uncle Nick's Candy has whatever you're after.

V is for vegetables, they are deep-fried here.

W is for the winter wonderland, spreading holiday cheer!

X is for xtra toppings on all this food.

These quilts are made of Yarn and the Zampogna is played by this dude.

We hope you enjoyed this fun look at the fair. It's a great time for all, whether you're here or there!

The Bloomsburg Fair is the biggest in the state. there Aren't many days left, so hurry, don't wait!

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