12 Year Old to Play at Augusta National During Masters

HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- The sun shining in September is bonus play for golfers this late in the season. And an opportunity to meet with 12 year old Nick Werner for a 'lesson in session' at the Wyoming Valley Country Club.

"I started playing golf when I was very young. My grandfather took me out here when I was just learning to walk and I've just been very connected to the game. I've had very good hand-eye coordination all my life," said Nick.

Over Labor Day Weekend, he won the Drive, Chip, and Putt Regionals at the famed Oakmont Country Club and qualified to play at Augusta National next April... One of golf`s most iconic courses during the most prestigious weekend for the sport... The Masters.

"When I found out I won, I turned around and told my dad, I made it! And I was really excited and just couldn't believe it. I still can't even believe it now."

Nick's dad, Joe, has been by his side as Nick's game evolved. "What's been great is he has seen the fruits of his labor. He's worked hard at this game and it doesn't just come easy as your know as a golfer. You have to work at it and, in golf, if you keep working hard and keep practicing it gives you an opportunity to succeed."

"I'm definitely going to train by coming here and working out and just getting stronger, faster, and getting my game up and up and my yardage up and up also," continued Nick.

I brought my clubs along with me to hit some balls with Nick, who had the knack.... Me? Not so much.

"Nick, I think this is going to be about teaching Courtney how to golf instead of you playing at Augusta. What do you think?  I'm terrible! I'm going to have to take tips from a 12 year old here!"

But this young master is focused.  April will come quick and then the pressure will be on.

"I've even said to him, the results when we get there won't really matter. Just soak it all in. Look up, look around, take it all in. Experience what so very few have. For me to experience it with him, it's going to be special I'm sure."

To drive, chip and putt at Augusta National drives this 12 year old.... Maybe one day, he makes the putt at the Masters, to earn the 'green jacket'.

For bonus footage with Nick's interview, see the video below.


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