Couple Sprucing up Avoca Park

AVOCA, Pa. -- A borough in Luzerne County just got a little brighter thanks to a couple from Avoca.

Plane Street Park in Avoca has long been a place for kids to gather in the community, but recently, it was in need of some TLC. That's when Stan and Jessica Spagnuolo came in.

"We're close with a lot of the kids from living here. We're close with neighbors, kids, things like that, and it's nice to see them have something to do, somewhere nice to go and play, and we like to play, too," Jessica Spagnuolo said.

The Spagnuolos came prepared with cans of paint and brushes and painted tables and equipment to make the park look brand new.

"There was nobody up here really. There's not many kids, so we wanted to spruce it up, bring some color," said Stan Spagnuolo.

While a few coats of paint already have the park looking like new, the Spagnuolos say this is just the beginning for what they have in mind for the park.

"Hopefully, we could actually hold some small events at the park, that people could come out and enjoy, music, games, some craft things, different stuff like that," Jessica added.

"Council is looking into actually getting replacements for some of the pieces that are here, so we could possibly expand it and bring some more attention, some more kids up," Stan said.

The borough recently resurfaced the tennis court. Lines on the basketball court were also repainted.

The Spagnuolos say it's all about giving back.

"There's a lot of kids, and they want to go somewhere, so it would be nice to have one place for them to go," said Stan.

If you would like to help the Spagnuolos, they will be working again at the park on Sunday at 9 a.m. or message the Avoca Borough Facebook page for more information.

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