Three Mile Island Shuts Down

LONDONDERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A frightening part of Pennsylvania's past is going dark.

Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Harrisburg shuts down for good Friday.

The owner of the facility says it has been losing money and was hoping for a state bailout, but that didn't happen.

The plant along the Susquehanna River was the site of the worst nuclear disaster on U.S. soil when a reactor suffered a partial meltdown in 1979.

Nearly 700 people work at the facility in Dauphin County.


  • John S Mellow

    Maybe the pro-nuclear crowd can respond to this comment. Seems like the lack (for many decades) of solutions on how to dispose of high level nuclear waste would make Three Mile Island, yet another, disposal site for the high and low level radiation waste that somehow will have to be controlled for tens of thousands of years.Another example of NOT having a logical solution for disposal/storage or high level nuclear waste. A good commercial on why renewable energy will be a necessary solution for the future generations.

  • straubdavid9

    So much for the cheap electricity we were promised when they built this thing. We need more plants …. not less! Nuclear is the only sustainable clean source of power.

    • John S Mellow

      Problem would be that this would be another closed facility where the high level waste has no where to go but on-site. Don’t need more nuclear plants where there is no solution for controlling waste for tens of thousands of years.

    • John S Mellow

      You want quiet? Ask a pro nuclear person what they are going to do with the waste for ten thousands of years. Another nuclear plant becoming a waste site.

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