Nearly 300 Jobs Coming to Lackawanna County

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A Korean cosmetics company plans to build its North American headquarters in Lackawanna County, and state officials say the development will create close to 300 jobs at the facility in Scott Township.

That cosmetics company, Seokoh, already owns a company in Scott Township called Process Technologies. Seokoh plans to quadruple its square footage there and double the number of employees they have.

The governor's office announced that Seokoh will build a new 400,000-square-foot building in the Scott Technology Park, right next door to Process Technologies, which manufactures makeup and creates packaging for major American makeup brands.

The new facility will make room for 280 new jobs.

Mahesh Patel bought Super Fuel Gas Station down the road six months ago. He's feeling even better about his business now.

"It'll grow my business, too, yes," Patel said.

The workers at Scott Technology Park support many businesses in the Montdale area.

Seokoh received state grant money for its development and agreed to retain the workers in has now. Soon, close to 600 people will work at this facility alone.

"That's fantastic, especially for the area because we definitely need more opportunities for growth in careers in general," said Samantha Jones of Scott Township.

Jones says she's curious to see how well those new jobs will pay but believes it's a good step for Scott Township.

"I think it would definitely just bring more activity to the area," she said.

Seokoh says it will spend close to $30 million on the development in Scott Township, but the company has not said when work or hiring will start.

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