Another Trail Reopens in DWGNRA

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been two years since Lower Hornbecks Creek Trail near Bushkill has been open to the public.

It closed in 2017 due to flooding.  Then, plans to reopen were pushed back because of winter storms in 2018.

"You could see where there were lots of downed trees on the side, and they must have cleared it off the path. There were lots, lots," said Lynn Hoffman of Philadelphia.

The trail reopened to hikers this week.

Hoffman came to the Poconos for a visit. Hiking is her hobby, and when she heard the trail was reopening, she took it as an opportunity to spend another day outdoors.

"To me, it's very important to get out in nature and enjoy life. You can't just keep walking the city streets," said Hoffman.

Some hikers we spoke to appreciate how fast the park service is working to get some of their favorite trails back open.

"I know how hard. I am friends with the guys who work on the trail crew. I know that they are working very, very hard. They aren't just doing like a quick job. They are doing an excellent job to make sure everything is safe and that the trail can be maintained well and be used for a very long time," said Sheri Bone, Pocono Environmental Education Center.

Bone is the School Group Coordinator at  Pocono Environmental Education Center.  She's also a hiker. She says Lower Hornbecks Creek Trail is one of her favorites.

"They made some beautiful stone steps. If you haven't been there, you should go hike it because it's done very, very well, and they have great bridges. I am going to go with my dog on Sunday," said Bone.

There are still trails that are closed because of storm damage.  A few won't be open for years.

Here is a list of trails within the DWGNRA.

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