Two Men on the Run After Shots Fired in Dunmore

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Police are investigating after shots were fired Wednesday night in Lackawanna County.

Officers say two men are on the run.

"I couldn't believe it. This is a quiet neighborhood. This place, especially down around here, it's very nice. A lot of people walk. It's always quiet, always," said Tom McCarthy of Dunmore.

Police said there was some sort of argument outside a home and a shot was fired. No one hit.

Officers said two men, Ramos Rodriguez and Jason Caramano, ran off. Both are wanted on warrants, and both are considered armed and dangerous.

"It's really scary to be honest. It kind of shakes you up, especially when you have kids, to hear that that's happening in this area because it's so unheard of," said one Dunmore woman who did not want to be identified.

Dunmore police continue to investigate.


  • Ino Yusee (@InoYusee)

    They better watch out. Dunmore police are not as worn out as Scranton police. Dunmore badges just wait for bad guys to cross the boundaries into this here safe borough. People who want to cause trouble and get away with it need to go to a larger city like Chicago and New York.

  • lamestream r

    Welcome to the jungle, from your neighbors in Scranton! It’s all around us, they move here from troubled areas and continue their activity in our once safe towns and cities!

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