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Dunmore Approves Plan for Landfill to Grow

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Tensions flared at Thursday's Dunmore Borough Council meeting over the proposed expansion of a landfill.

Council members voted to approve an amendment that would allow Keystone Sanitary Landfill to grow.

At the heart of the issue, was whether a landfill can be considered a structure.

If it was a structure, the landfill would be bound by Dunmore's zoning codes and could not continue to get much bigger than it already is.

But because the council voted Thursday that a landfill is not a structure, the landfill can go ahead with its plans to grow.

Hundreds of people packed the room to voice their opposition.

"If you're against this amendment, please clap and let this council hear you," said former Dunmore council member Melanie Naro.

Some people cried as they gave their testimony for the council to consider.

"What I'm here tonight to ask of all of you is to just think about our beautiful little town," said Janet Brier, Dunmore.

"The owner of the landfill has gotten his way from this borough every single time he's wanted something. It's time that you stand up for the other 14,000 people who live in this borough for once," Trip O'Malley, Dunmore.

"Honestly, if this is granted, I'm out of here, and I'm sure a lot of other people, a lot of young people are going to leave," said Mandi Boyanoski, Dunmore.


  • John S Mellow

    Seems that the opposing side put up more data on why a landfill would be considered a structure. Surprised at the vote especially those that stated they were against the landfill expansion during their election campaign.

    Why was Bolus allowed to speak as a non-resident? Thought he was AGAINST the expansion at one former public meeting. Seen him smirking with the landfill engineer outside after the meeting! Maybe he hit his head on the Trump truck too many times?

  • wnepcommenter

    deleted so i’ll post again. and again. and again.
    What a shock.. Keep that money coming uncle Louie. Of course WNEP won’t mention his name either..
    keep hitting that button on your garbage wp backend.

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