Some Disabled Veterans May Qualify for Tax Exemptions

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Veteran Affairs offices across Pennsylvania offer several benefits for disabled veterans. One of those benefits is the tax exemption program.

“This is a program that is run by the state, and it’s the Veterans Tax-Exempt Program, and it’s for disabled veterans, so you would have to have a rating of 100 percent disabled,” Lycoming County Director of Veteran Affairs Ronald Poust said.

Vets with disabilities that show they need financial aid have to file paperwork at their Veterans Affairs office requesting property tax relief. Last year alone, more than 3,000 military veterans were approved for property tax exemption in Pennsylvania.

“It’s very important for the veteran to get all the benefits they are entitled to, and being 100 percent disabled entitles you to many benefits across the state,” Poust said.

Disabled veterans that have been approved for tax exemption will be reevaluated every five years while on the program to see if they go over the $92,594 threshold for income.

Robert Finn is a disabled veteran who is in remission for stage 4 cancer. He recently was approved for tax exemption.

“The fact that most of those that apply are seniors like myself -- I’m 79 years old -- it's beneficial. It’s quite beneficial financially,” Finn said.

If a veteran dies while benefiting from tax exemption, it doesn't go away. His or her spouse will keep receiving those benefits.

“It took away a lot of my worries. I mean, something is going to happen to me before my wife I’m sure. If and when it does, at least I had the satisfaction of knowing we have a benefit there that’s going to take the place of my life insurance that we lost,” Finn said.

Vets who think they may qualify are urged to contact their local VA to see if they are eligible for tax exemption.

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