Vendors Set Up for 164th Bloomsburg Fair

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- In just a few days, the Bloomsburg Fair will welcome people from all over Pennsylvania.

This is the largest fair in the state. So from a vendor's standpoint, there is a lot of preparation.

"Making sure the electric's hooked up, the water's hooked up, things are ready to go, kinda dry firing it, we'll say," said Michael Meyer, Uncle Paul's Stuffed Pretzels.

Vendors are busy setting up and cleaning their stands. They were allowed inside the fairgrounds last week and have been moving things in ever since.

There are more than 1,000 vendors at the Bloomsburg Fair, and some of them have more than one stand. So, it's a busy couple of days.

"Kevin spent all last week down here putting stands together, and then the girls come in now, and we start putting the equipment out and washing and scrubbing everything down," said Cheri Bissinger, Bissinger's Apple Dumplings.

Recently "Taste of Home" magazine named Cheri Bissinger's Apple Dumplings the most iconic fair food in Pennsylvania, and it's been a busy summer for her.

"I don't know if it's that we've had really nice weather, or if it's because of the publicity we've had since we got that award," said Bissinger.

Over in the horticulture building, this year's theme is "Winter Wonderland."

"Which is really going to be a challenge when it's 75 and 80 degrees outside to make it look like winter," said Scott Edwards, Superintendent of Horticulture.

Before the flowers are brought in, all the decorations must be put in place.

"It's kind of like a hurry-up day and tomorrow becomes even hurrier and then by Friday it's all done," said Edwards.

The Bloomsburg Fair starts on Saturday, September 21.

There is a preview day on Friday, September 20, where admission is $3 and parking is $5. Gates open at 2:00 p.m.

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