Scavenger Hunt for Books

COVINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People in one community are finding some surprises hidden in parks and other spots.

It's all for a scavenger hunt meant to encourage reading.

Cai Cephas, 9, has read some books and is done with them. So, she and her mom are donating them, not to charity but directly to their community, by leaving them at Covington Park near Moscow.

"You find, read, rehide, or replace. If you want to keep it just replace it and rehide it," said Kristen Cephas, Gouldsboro.

Kristen Cephas and Jennifer Quinn each have children in the North Pocono School District.

The two moms created a Facebook group to get the word out.

They want you to donate your old books by hiding them in not so secret spots.

"So I think it's super important to get kids excited about reading and spreading joy throughout the community," said Cephas.

"Just to see other children get excited and to see that other kids are reading and sharing their books. Hopefully, it'll spread like wildfire," said Jennifer Quinn, Madisonville.

These North Pocono moms don't care where you live, or where you decide to hide your donated books, as long as kids will be able to find them.

"I hid books in Scranton, Dickson City, Dunmore, even at the Apple Cider Mill by my house. They're just hidden everywhere, and hopefully, kids are finding them," said Quinn.

A few hidden books have been left at Salon Joy near Gouldsboro. It's a fitting spot because this is a place that encourages kids to read while they get their hair cut.

Some of the stylists' stations sort of even look like bookshelves.

"I think it's really important that the children know that education always continues and to be able to instill that into them even at the salon I think is really great," said Nichole Londo, Salon Joy Owner.

If you find a hidden book, you're encouraged to read it, sign it, then rehide it, so the scavenger hunt can continue.

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