Montour County Woman Celebrates 100

MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Around 50 people gathered inside the Emmanuel Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Maria Joseph Manor near Danville.

They were here to celebrate Josie Baylor who's turning 100 years young.

"I feel just the same as yesterday. Not any difference," said Josie Baylor.

Josie grew up on a farm near Bloomsburg.

"I milked cows, I had to load hay, straw, and wheat. I worked on the farm, hard work," said Baylor.

For her special day, Josie was surrounded by four generations of family, including her son Eugene.

"It's awesome. It means I'm going to live a long time," said Eugene Baylor.

"Every time we come up, she says I'll never make it to 100, and we say you'll be long beyond 100," said J.R. Baylor, Josie's Grandson.

Geisinger's CEO, Dr. Ryu, is a family friend of the birthday girl, so he surprised her here with a card.

Dr. Jaewon Ryu lives next door to Josie's son.

"It's not every day that someone turns 100. I think that's always cause for celebration, especially when you have a personal connection to them," said Ryu.

Josie says the secret to living to 100 is staying active.

"Well, I try to live right, live right and do for people," said Josie.

"I ask her how do you do this, and she says gin raisins. It's great, we tell her you're going to do 101 and just keep going," said J.R.

"When I went for my hearing aids down at Walter Reed years ago the doctor says you've inherited your mother's genes," said Eugene.

Happy birthday, Josie.

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