Steeple Returns to Susquehanna County Church

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The steeple is an essential part of any church and for parishioners of St. Martin of Tours Church near New Milford say you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

"I always look for it when I`m coming down the hill driving over here, just to see it up there. So, to see it back up there is very nice,"

A new steeple is now up at St. Martin of Tours after two years without one.

A strong storm damaged the original steeple back in may of 2017 and the three thousand pound mix of fiberglass and steel had to be removed.

A new steeple was put up last month.

"Actually it was manufactured in Texas, brought here on a flatbed, it took a week. And we had some contractors that put it up and about two weeks later, it`s up," said Vickie Mulligan, Most Holy Trinity Parish.

St. Martin of Tours held a special Saturday service to bless the new steeple.

"This week we`ll do the blessing and just be thankful that we have out steeple back up. We kind of really missed it when it was gone," said David Cramer, Martin of Tours Church.

Parishioners say with this missing piece back all the others can fall into place.

"It`s wonderful to see so many people back in church, because for a while there, it kind of, the attendance went down. But, I`m really glad that a lot of people are coming back to the church," said Maureen Bier, Eucharistic Minister.

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