Displaced Renovo Residents Plan to Fight

RENOVO, Pa. -- Residents are scrambling to find new places to live after an entire block of row homes in Clinton County was condemned.

Officials in Renovo met Friday afternoon to come up with solutions for those residents.

People were caught off guard when 16 row homes in Renovo were condemned on Thursday. Residents are supposed to be out in 20 days and people we spoke with say they've already started the appeals process.

People who live in the row homes on 14th Street in Renovo are upset. They were caught off guard when the code inspector posted bright orange "condemned" signs on their doors.

"Everyone's angry and hurt. This is their home, their stomping grounds. They've been here forever," said Dawn Pagnogto who has lived here for more than 30 years. "What they're doing is wrong. It's just wrong."

According to borough officials, one of the house's foundations is unsafe. Since all the units are connected, they were all condemned.

Jenean Mace and her family live in two of these homes.

"My son and my daughter, that's two. My son-in-law three, my granddaughter four, and me that's five," said Mace.

"It's been in the family for many generations of my husband's. We were hoping to have our little one born and raised here as well," said resident Cheyenne Hand.

Renovo officials met with members of the Clinton County Housing Authority and the Clinton County Housing Coalition to discuss solutions for these residents.

Officials say public housing is available for those who are eligible. There is also money available to relocate people to other rental properties.

Even so, people who live here tell Newswatch 16 they plan to fight.

"We're going to fight," Mace said. "We talked to a bunch of legal people. We talked to the attorney general, we left a message for the governor's office."

"I just got off the phone with the governor's office and they're looking into it for me," Pagnogto said.

There is a meeting next Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Renovo borough building for all of the residents who are being displaced. Residents can meet with the Clinton County Housing Authority to discuss their options.

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