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Yuengling Helping Women in the Beer Industry

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Women dominate the sixth generation of the Yuengling family, and now, Dick Yuengling's daughters are helping out other women who are looking to break into the brewing industry.

"I think we quietly try and lead by example," Jennifer Yuengling said. "That's really been the motto that our dad has set for us. He's really, nose to the ground, that kind of a hard worker, and we really try to embody those same types of principles."

Usually, it's men who are commonly associated with beer, but not at Yuengling. Sisters Jennifer, Sheryl, Debbie, and Wendy Yuengling have started to take more of a leadership role within the company and now, are looking to help other females who are also interested in the beer industry.

"Recently, we at Yuengling announced our partnership with Pink Boots Society. Pink Boots Society is a nonprofit organization geared toward education and empowering women in the brewing industry," Jennifer Yuengling said. "My three sisters and myself, we're six-generation members of the Yuengling family, so this was a great opportunity to provide scholarships, up to $50,000 worth for applicants."

According to a study done by Auburn University in 2014, only 29 percent of brewery workers are females and only 17 percent of breweries across the country had women as CEOs.

"I think that over the years, as you see the rise in craft brewing, women have started to enter that space and that industry, and it's just been very rewarding for my sisters and myself to be able to be partners with Pink Boots Society and see the rise in women in the industry.

Any women who are trying to study brewing can apply for the scholarship. The current application window goes until September 30, but there will be another application window in the spring.

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