Neighborhood in Panic After Entire Block of Row Homes Condemned

RENOVO, Pa. -- An entire neighborhood in Clinton County is reeling after the sudden condemnation of 16 homes.

On Thursday, the entire block of row homes in Renovo was declared to be not fit to be lived in.

To the people living on14th Street in Renovo, the orange condemned signs represent heartbreak and fear.

“Everybody on this block is afraid right now because we don't know exactly what's going to take place,” said Kevin Little.

They were caught off guard by the notices which were posted around noon by the code inspector, who told them they needed to find new places to live.

Cheyenne Hand is eight months pregnant and eight weeks away from her due date.

“I'm nervous. I'm scared to what we're going to bring her home to, if we're going to bring her home or where I'm going to go if something happens if they do take them right from us,” said Hand.

Neighbors Johnathen Pagnotto and Kevin Little say the inspector deemed one of the home's foundation to be unsafe, and since all the units are connected, they all were condemned.

Borough officials told them the entire row needed to be brought down.

“They were basically forcing us out of our houses, that they were condemning the whole row and going to tear it down and turn it into a lot,” said Pagnotto.

“This is ridiculous what they're doing to everybody over one foundation that's falling down because the sink is leaning over,” said Little.

Some of these people have lived in these homes all their lives, having the houses passed down through generations.

“My family's been here, My great-grandparents have been here. My dad and mother got the house from my grandparents,” said Pagnotto.

Pagnotto's father placed a boulder with the family's name on it right outside their house, saying the family would always live there.

“They're displacing a lot of homes and families and a lot of memories that have been made in these homes, not from me, from generations before me,” said Hand.

The code inspector says once the residents are served the legal notice, they will have 20 days to appeal.

Residents say they plan to do just that.

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