Southern Columbia Girl’s Soccer Team Begins 2019 Season

Communication is key in any sport.

Especially soccer and for the girl's from Southern Columbia they use those verbal skills and their athleticism to achieve a 20 win season, a District IV championship and a run through states for the "A" title in 2018.

Seniors Morgan Marks, and Maggie Morrison lead this year's squad along with freshman Loren Gehret.

"I still remember every emotion that I had from the beginning of the post season to the end, and it was an amazing journey and I couldn't ask for a better ending of last year. But I mean last season is last season, and it's a brand new season, and we have to look forward from here and not so much look in the past," said Morgan.

"I think that every team that we play we are going to have a target on our backs, but I think that we can't let that get to us, and we have to keep our heads and play our game and I think that our season will be just as successful as last season," said Maggie.

"Where we're you last November when the girl's we're winning the state title? I was at my house watching it. It all happened so it's cool knowing that they are able to take me under their wing and stuff and knowing that I can talk to them when I need stuff," said Loren.

Last year was the first state title in school history for any girls program here at Southern Columbia and with 24 girls returning and six that played in the state championship game the nucleus is here for Southern to make another run.

"The off-season was really good. I think the girl's we're extremely focused because they knew that they had a lot of standards to live up to, and that we we're bringing a lot of young kids into the programs. They really wanted to make sure things stayed on track and on par with what we had been doing and bringing these younger kids into the mix," said Jennifer.

"I think last year we kind of had a family orientated team. Where this year with all the fresh people coming in I think that we have to work on getting that gel back together and once we start playing together and know how each other plays then I think that we are going to be able to come together and have a quite successful season," added Maggie.

The Pennsylvania Heartland Athletic Conference is once again loaded with soccer talent with everyone trying to knock the Tigers from the top. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Columbia County.

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