School District Returning Leftover Lunch Money

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. -- A school district in Lycoming County developed a plan to pay back families with money leftover on their student's lunch account.

Most school districts in the area will have parents set up a pre-paid account for their children's school lunches. But what happens if that child leaves the school district with a positive balance left on their account? The Jersey Shore Area School District may have the solution.

"It's my understanding that we have accounts that range from a couple of cents to a little over $50, so we think that it is important that everyone receives their money because it is their money. They put it into their child's lunch account," said Jersey Shore Area Superintendent Jill Wenrich.

In the past, the school district would send out checks to any family with a positive balance on their lunch account, but some of those checks would go uncashed, so now the school district wants to give those families options with their money.

"They can request a check for their fund balance to come back to them, or if they have a sibling left in the district, they can have that amount transferred over to the sibling's account," Wenrich explained.

Families that don't want the refund or don't have another child in the school district can choose to give back to the community helping a food bank.

"In the third option, the parents are able to donate the money to the New Love Center," Wenrich added.

"I think it's great," said resident Al Scott. "It's a lot better than them not getting it back."

Scott said he would rather see the extra money in leftover accounts go to charity.

"It's not going to hurt. I am retired so I'm collecting from 42 years of working at the same place, so, you know, I think it's great."

The school district says it will be working in the coming days to get in contact with anyone that has a positive account balance so parents can choose what to do with that money.


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