Hanover Area School District Warns of Possible Whooping Cough Exposure

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A school district in Luzerne County is warning parents their kids may have been exposed to whooping cough.

Hanover Area School District issued a letter to parents Tuesday night.

In it, Superintendent Nathan Barrett tells parents that students may have been in contact with a person who has pertussis (whooping cough).

The Times Leader reports a case was confirmed in a student at the high school Tuesday morning.

Pertussis is a highly contagious disease spread through coughing or sneezing.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, symptoms of the disease include severe coughing fits ending with a “whooping” noise. Early symptoms are similar to those of a common cold including runny nose, sneezing, mild cough, and low-grade fever. After a week or two, the coughing spells can lead to vomiting.

The letter lists recommendations for parents from the state Department of Health.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    Well………..yup. Incurable TB, leprosy, and other diseases that people foolishly believed were eradicated are making a very swift comeback. They’re being documented in nearly all of the sanctuary cities. Go figure.

    • Bob Stevens

      Maybe people wouldn’t be anti-vax if the government didn’t have a record of messing with them and experimenting on people without their knowledge… informed consent is important. There sicknesses are coming back become of the mass import of 3rd world populations

      • Bob Stevens

        Please stop with your boot licking, the tyranny against our rights is getting out of hand. Your blind following and acceptance for so long is why “us people” exist. Countless “conspiracies” have been proven true through leaks, declassification and admittance. Your accepting the status quo is unacceptable.

      • Dr proctor

        I lick no boots, you conspiracy whack job. People like you should be labeled domestic terrorists for spreading your bull$hit propaganda. You people exist for your own personal vindictiveness. You get a rise out of spewing nonsense and seeing some people taking the bait. The only ‘conspiracies’ proven true are the ones that you’ve convinced yourself are true. STFU already.

      • Bob Stevens

        Since my first response got censored, of course:
        Shall we list the countless examples:
        Epstein paedo then dies before exposing everyone, Hollywood abuse and paedos, L.G.B.T.Q. targeting children, fake WMDs to go into Iraq, Big tech and government spying and listening to everything, government coming for free speech and the guns, Ford saying Judge Kavanagh assaulted her was a lie/admitted it was over R.oe v W.ade, operation Northwoods, government testing on small towns, mass shootings being allowed to happen by known criminals, human trafficking on the border, google manipulation of elections, chemicals in the water and food making us sick, fluoride linked to lower IQ, catholic priest paedo issue, connections to cancer and 5G, currency manipulation by the FED, human/animal hybrids in china everything released by project veritas about google, facebook, a.bortion to harvest babies, everything from wiki leaks, mass migration to destabilize, ect ect ect… countless coverups and lies. Do some actual research instead of accepting and being too afraid to question.
        Open your mind! Question the narrative! O.bama legalized propaganda against citizens.
        This label conspiracy as terrorist BS is not only a violation of free speech but a degusting and very dangerous idea that anyone who questions the government they are a criminal. You are complicit in their crimes if you refuse to expose them and just tow the line. People are sick and tired of being lied to by government and media. We will not STFU and let this country die. If you blindly follow, then yes you do lick boots. The only propaganda here is what the msm and government tells you. It is a basic American idea to question authority and the narrative.

      • Dr proctor

        “WE will not” Usually when there’s a ‘we’ it’s more than one person. Usually if it’s just one person it’s the ranting of a delusional psychopath, of which you are. Every single thing you listed is either still very debatable, never was a ‘conspiracy’, or is only accepted by whackadoodle freaks like yourself. Your lot is pathetic and is just pandering for attention by spreading misinformation and flat out lies. Just like I would protect my children from someone trying to poison their food, I will protect them by shutting down your lies. You and your ilk are far worse than imagined government agencies. You seriously should just stick to your comic books and go to your nerd conventions and stop sucking off Alex Jones.

      • Bob Stevens

        Poor lost soul blind to the truth… clearly you cant be saved. Go back to sleep and be a good little tax slave then. The “we” is we the people, millions of us, those who lead to Trump getting elected, those who are patriots, those who refuse to accept the narrative and see all the holes in everything the government and media tell us. Try watching AJ with an open mind sometime. But I’m guessing your more of a CNN person. Those were all mainstream topics proven true and/or have very strong evidence to support. If you don’t think there’s a bigger picture, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Blind ignorance and acceptance helps no one.

      • Dr proctor

        Yeah, OK there Bobby Jackson. Try not to hurt yourself while patting your own back and telling yourself how great and ‘woke’ you are. You are so far off base with your assumptions about me that Stevie Wonder would tag you out. Psychosis and schizophrenia should not be worn as a badge of honor like you portray it to be. So you tell me to be a good little tax slave? Do you not pay taxes? Or are you one of those pathetic imbeciles that refer to themselves as sovereign? Actually it’s kind of scary to think there’s people like you out in society, this is what we get for closing all those mental institutions.

      • Dr proctor

        I’d be willing to wager that the millions of people that voted for Trump (myself included) would call you out for being a lunatic fringe whack job as well. I can’t believe I’m actually wasting my time on you.

      • Bob Stevens

        Do you call out Trump on his BS? The unconstitutional things? OR just a MAGA cult member?
        Yet you continue, because you know you can’t disprove anything I’m saying or that many other commenters say. All you can do is accept the msm’s and government narrative, and be ignorant to history. When both parties have a history of lying, you stop trusting them. When the media is allowed to push CIA propaganda, you stop believing them. Do your own research. Look at all sides of the story. People fighting for the truth have lead to many things finally coming to light. Science is never certain. Nothing is black in white in reality.

      • Bob Stevens

        So I assume you attack fellow Trump supporters for believing in Q then?
        Sounds like you cast a vote and wipe your hands, and don’t actually fight for the truth and freedom. Typical
        Or did you go along with Russian Collusion, which people like me worked to prove was a fake narrative pushed by the media and dems to cover up their own crimes.

      • Bob Stevens

        Of course I pay my taxes, even though taxation is theft by extortion, because there are bigger things to fight for. Not worth being thrown in a cage or dyeing over some money at this point when there are attacks on free speech, gun rights, due process, privacy, and fighting leftism bent on destroying this country. Again free thinking and questioning the narrative is one of the most American things you can do. You can live in a safe space bubble all you want, but that’s not reality.

      • Dr proctor

        So I’m a good little tax slave because I pay my taxes, but you’re a woke freedom fighting patriot. Even though you say you pay yours too. Got it. OK – wasted enough time on you today. 👋

      • Bob Stevens

        No, it has nothing to do with paying them or not, the point of that statement is you refuse to question the narrative, so there for you purpose is to be a money supply for government. Anyone that just goes status quo is basically a battery for the government. They only care about your money, and will trample your rights.

      • Jeremy Tyler Miller

        Yikes, I might not see full proof of everything example Bob said or agree with everything Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson say, but refusing to question the narrative when there are inconstancy or evidence to the contrary and simply dismissing all conspiracy as a crazy idea is playing right into the enemies hand and why the CIA ran a campaign to convince people conspiracy meant crackpot idea. It just means 2 or more parties acting in secret. If we are going to expose the democrats/establishment republicans, defeat the deep state, and restore America to how the constitution layed out, we need to solve these mysteries. Simply electing Trump isnt enough, simply voting red each cycle doesnt solve the issue of corruption. This is all of our fights, our civic duty. The survival of the American dream and freedom depend on that. I personally dont want to live a slave to an authoritarian government like in China, or even a socialist hellhole like the EU or California.

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