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Drivers Not Happy with Oil and Chip Work on Route 115 in Monroe County

TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's a bit of a rocky road for drivers on Route 115 near Blakeslee. PennDOT recently treated the road using a process called oil and chipping.

Timothy Jones from Tobyhanna Township showed Newswatch 16 the marks left on his car.

"It chips the windows, if you look on my windshield, the hood. I have chips all over my car. It's ridiculous," said Jones.

PennDOT officials tell Newswatch 16 that oil and chipping is an important tool for road maintenance. It seals the road and stops water from getting into it. It also prevents potholes.

Signs are up to alert drivers where oil and chipping was done.  Still, frustrations are high.

"It sucks. You got dust going everywhere, tar all over the cars, and it's impossible to clean," said Mike Horoszewski, Blakeslee.

Some drivers we spoke to understand why PennDOT would use this method on rural roads, but not roads where the speed limit is 55 miles an hour.

"It's much noisier. It creates a hazard, I think. The chips flying around and so forth," said Joe Smith, Blakeslee.

Joe Smith lives right on Route 115.  He gets the concept but doesn't think it belongs here.

"Well, I am not opposed to the tar and chip necessarily because I think it's a safer way to go on icy road and so forth, but I think the way they did it might be a problem," said Smith.

PennDOT says that when you see signs for oil and chipping, slow down to keep the chips from flying.


  • Tom McCarey

    PennDOT produces a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) every year. It lists the money and assets owned by PennDOT. It includes bank accounts, investments and enterprise activities, and is typically 4 to 8 times the amount listed in the budget, which is the document most people are familiar with. In essence the CAFR is a second set of books. There is so much money there that a fund could be set up to end taxation forever.
    It is our money and we should take it back. Actuaries and mathematicians will be very interested in the CAFR. For more information go to


    how about actually paving roads properly after milling out the old asphalt so the chips dont come flying out with every passing car. you know penndot, it’s called doing your job properly, not cheaply.

    as said before, penndot officials need to be jailed for stealing from the taxpayers, and endangering peoples lives with their poor road maintenance practices.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    This road treatment is The Most Bogus Option at actually repairing and maintaining the roads. I (and, fellow residents) have to deal with this ridiculous waste of time, money, and manpower about twice per year. It’s a waste because all of the material is strewn aside within 30 days by the TIRES OF MOVING VEHICLES. Who is in charge of this decision because I want in on getting paid for being a Stupidvisor, too.

  • George Lamprinos

    If this treatment was so good why is it only done by townships? You never see it done on city streets. You never see it done on interstate highways. only township roads. I’m very lucky in that I never have to use roads treated like this. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to drive on these streets.

  • aremmel1968

    Whether its helps water or not this is extremely dangerous for us bikers, not only getting hitting with it, also throws off balance of the bikes. They put it down and leave it all over roads, making gravel unsafe. If they packed it down it wouldnt be as bad. But they dont .

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