Walk Remembers Those Who Died by Suicide

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Family and friends walked through downtown Scranton Saturday morning to remember those who have died by suicide.

The Northeast Suicide Prevention Initiative hosted the event called Share the Journey.

The one-mile walk began and ended at the Lackawanna County Courthouse in downtown Scranton.

In addition to remembering those who died, the Northeast Suicide Prevention Initiative also helps make the public aware of the risk factors and warning signs of those who may be contemplating suicide.

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  • Rusty Knyffe

    I’m going to test the perma-ban situation, here, by stating some personal facts. I have lost friends AND family to suicide. In each case, whatever “reason” these friends and family members might have invented to end their lives, it was a choice that resulted in a domino effect of mayhem. There was blame, shame, and everything in between left for the survivors to deal with. Suicide is nothing to “remember.” It’s something to abhor.

    Waiting for moderation in 3……………2…………..1…………….

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