Art Studio Helping Adults with Intellectual, Physical Disabilities Moves into Much Bigger Facility

SCRANTON, Pa. -- An art studio in Scranton just got a lot bigger, but it's not just any art studio.

ArtWorks helps adults who have intellectual and physical disabilities.

The art studio moved into its new place along Penn Avenue this week. There are lots of new creative outlets for consumers to explore.

"We weren't able to really get involved with maybe music because it would become disruptive to the other students, now in this space we're going to be able to facilitate anything and everything," ArtWorks Gallery and Program Coordinator Kaitlin Harrison said.

Artworks teaches about 65 adults who have intellectual and physical disabilities how to show their creative side. Now, there is room for even more aspiring artists to join in.

Previously, ArtWorks was located on Lackawanna Avenue and it only had one gallery and one studio. Now, there are three floors of space.

"Different mediums speak to different artists, so this way we're able to offer more opportunities for them to explore what speaks most to them." Art instructor Colleen Germain said.

The new place features studios for digital art, pottery, and mixed mediums. ArtWorks regulars even had a say about how the place was decorated!

"That was the first thing that he saw when he came in, he was like, 'you chose my lights,'" Harrison said.

Jack Burletice used to draw at the studio, but now he is an employee. He hopes more consumers sign up for classes.

"We can meet more people and stuff," Burletice said.

The work that is made here by artists will eventually be showcased and sold.

"They have their work and nobody knows that they have a disability but they have this really compelling body of work that's now being exhibited," Harrison said.

ArtWorks opens for its first day of classes next Monday in Scranton. For more information about how to sign up, click here.

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