Volunteers Give Time For Day of Caring

DUNMORE, Pa. -- It's not your average day at the office. Hundreds of workers across Lackawanna and Wayne Counties are trading in the 9 to 5 to give back to their community as part of the United Way's 25th annual Nancy Jackson Memorial Day of Caring

One of the organizations getting a helping hand today is the Greater Scranton YMCA.

"If these guys weren't here, and literally, there is a couple dozen that come in, and they complete the project in the day, whereas if our maintenance guys were trying to do it, they'd be pulled to fix a clogged sink or change a light bulb that's out or something," explained Trish Fisher, president and CEO of the Greater Scranton YMCA. "Having this done all in one day and on a beautiful day like this, it's just fantastic."

The theater at the Greater Scranton YMCA is used by hundreds of kids throughout the year and was in need of a facelift. But with a little paint, it's starting to look like new again.

Volunteers from across Lackawanna and Wayne Counties are coming out to give their time, but these volunteers say there's something special about giving back to the community they work and live in.

"I have three little kids, so anything that can make life better for them, more fun, I just want to be a part of that," said Michelle McMaster of Fidelity Bank. "We live in this community, we work in this community, and we always want to give back to this community."

"The Y is a vital entity in our community because we're in the Dunmore community, it serves a lot just through their different programs, so we're just excited to help and do whatever we can to make it a better place for everyone," added Lynette Danzig of McGrail, Merkel, Quinn and Associates.

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