Shortages Threaten Food Pantries in Lackawanna County


  • Chris Thorne

    We wouldn’t have the immigrant problem here in Scranton if it wasn’t for CSS. The area is a ghetto now because of them. Renting billboards in South America, don’t think we don’t know how Catholic social services has been a major contributor to the whole area becoming a craphole.

  • whodathought6789

    Jesus took the bread, broke it and said. This is my body, it is available to you who can afford to pay the costs of my club. 50% over wholesale.

    Jesus was the carpenter who built homes, as long as you met pre-approval from the bank

  • lamestream r

    Some people need it, a lot of people abuse the system or as I like to say, work the system to their advantage! I wonder how much money Catholic Social Services gets from the Federal Government for assisting immigrants into our Community? I heard its a lot of money!

  • whodathought6789

    This here is a socialism program. Neighbors helping neighbors what nerve they have to try to be decent to one another

    • lamestream r

      This isn’t socialism! The products obtained by these services are donated by people, while real socialism takes away from those working to give to the poor! A big difference!

      • whodathought6789

        Yeah, I think you are misinformed. Socialism is about helping you neighbors. It’s about taking care of one another in our society.

        What you refer to is capatialism

      • whodathought6789

        This is the perfect example of socialism. This is about community helping their community.

        Please keep drinking the koolaide from mainstream media telling you what socialism is. They have perverted the meaning beyond all recognition.

        Once you come to terms that Jesus was a socialist maybe we can move forward with helping humanity survive

      • Rich Wickizer

        Nope Socialism does not give you a choice. the government takes what you earn and gives most of it to a few elite while letting you starve.
        Venezuela was once one of the richest countries in the western hemisphere then socialism came and ended it all causing starvation and attacking citizens who fight to get food with military vehicles. Other countries that made the same claims Cuba, Russia, China, National SOCIALIST party (NAZI) Germany and North Korea.

        What did ever single one of them do?
        Control speech
        Keep the people divided
        Take the peoples weapons
        Enforce agree or be punished teaching in schools can we say common core where the right answer is marked wrong if you don’t do it their way.
        Accuse those that don’t agree of what they are guilty of can we say Covington Kids.
        Prejudice accusations while being prejudiced, can we say Trump supporters being called racist for supporting Trump.

        What happened almost every single case? Dictatorship

        Look for the real truth not what liberals make up and say is true.

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