Mystery Solved: Middleswarth Shares Reason Behind Missing BBQ Chips

Fans of Middleswarth potato chips may have noticed a limited supply or even complete lack of (the horror!) the BBQ variety on store shelves.

While the “world is not coming to an end” as one fan joked in a Facebook post, the disappearance is enough to have a number of chip lovers taking to social media to ask, where have they gone?

The company that produces the tasty treat released a statement Wednesday on Facebook, explaining the reason behind the mysterious disappearance.

“Due to a shortage of materials our supplier was unable to produce and fulfill our regular BBQ seasoning orders off and on for the past month. As a result of this limitation Middleswarth ran out of seasoning,” the statement reads.

But there’s good news.  The snack company has resumed production of its BBQ offerings and they will be back on shelves as soon as possible.


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