Borough Leaders Seeking Answers to Stinky Situation in Troy

TROY, Pa. -- A sewage overflow has led to a stinky situation in one Bradford County community.

People who live in the borough of Troy say sewage in the street is a problem they've been dealing with for about a year, but after the past couple of days, they're demanding that something be done.

"Coming out of the manhole there was water flowing everywhere. There was a big pile of water that ran straight down and almost got to Tops grocery store. There's feminine products coming out of, toilet paper coming out of it. It was nasty."

Those are just a few of the things Kaseen Vanoy sees on her way into work. She's a preschool teacher at Leaps and Bounds Educational Learning Center in Troy. The entrance off Elmira Street is right next to a manhole. Vanoy says it overflows far too often.

"Parents drive through it daily, so they have to worry about it getting on their car. It smells awful down here, like even coming up here to drop your kid off, it still stinks from it," said Vanoy.

Troy borough manager Dan Close told Newswatch 16, "The issue in Troy borough is that there is an excess amount of inflow/infiltration (I&I) into the sanitary sewer collection system. With the frequency of heavy rain events in our area, the collection system cannot handle the increase in flow."

The Troy borough says it's currently working with the Department of Environmental Protection, borough engineers, and plant operators to come up with a solution.

Close tells Newswatch 16, "We currently have a request for proposal out to conduct 'smoke testing' of the system in an attempt to identify where the I&I may be coming from, and our operators are currently testing storm drain inlets with dye to identify any possible problems."

Elmira Street was clean and dry by the time Newswatch 16 arrived, but Vanoy believes it won't stay that way for long.

"Every time it rains, it's going to happen. It happens every single time. It will flow for like two days even after the rain.

The borough says while it works to fix the problem, it will continue to do the best it can to keep Elmira Street clean.


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