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Walmart Customers React to News the Giant Retailer Will Stop Selling Handgun Ammunition and Other Safety Changes

TAYLOR, Pa. -- Walmart, the country's number one retailer, is taking a big step to combat gun violence.

In a statement released Tuesday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon rolled out new plans to stop the sale of handgun ammunition once its current stock sells out.

This move comes on the heels of mass shootings in several communities, including Midland and Odessa, Texas just this past weekend.

At the Walmart in Taylor, customers praised the move.

“I think that's absolutely needed. I don't think weapons should be available everywhere,” said Jessica Petche from Scranton.

McMillon says with Walmart's focus on store safety and security, “it's clear the status quo is unacceptable.”

Walmart plans to stop the sale of some other ammunition as well.

Not everyone agrees with this decision.

“People have to protect themselves in the street. The street is bad right now, and if you don't have any bullets or something to defend yourself, how are you going to defend yourself?” said Michael Caseo from Taylor.

Walmart is also asking customers not to openly carry firearms in stores located in states where open carry is permitted.

“I'm glad because I work here, and I work on the door preventing people from stealing and shooters so I don't want nothing to do with no guns,” said Rodney Sharpe from Scranton.

Walmart says that was prompted by customers inadvertently causing the evacuation of stores by having guns on them. There were also attempts by people looking to make a statement and test store security by carrying guns in a way that frightened staff and customers.

“Then I have to run out here and grab people like you and say 'Active shooter! Active shooter!' and be on the phone with police at the same,” said Sharpe. “I'm not trying to do that.”

Walmart says it will also stop the sale of handguns in Alaska, the only state where Walmart sells handguns.


  • Steve Howell (@steve2174)

    As per this obviously biased article “Walmart, the country’s number one retailer, is taking a big step to combat gun violence.”, how does this combat gun violence in any way? Are they going to stop selling auto parts to combat car crashes? Maybe they should stop selling food to combat obesity. Symbolism over substance!

  • sassygirl58

    I support the 2nd amendment, however there needs to be more control over gun sales. You cannot trust the clerk behind the counter at a Walmart to do the right thing. Guns and ammo should be sold by licensed gun dealers who are more responsible than the teenager working part time in a Walmart, who would give their friends and relatives “special” treatment.


    As long as I can still buy my bandannas and Antifa pajamas there, I’m good. I love Wal-Mart and using the different bathrooms in Target.

  • Robert OMalley

    Judging from the 1st line of this story, you can tell where WNEP stands on the issue. This isn’t going to do a DAMN thing about gun violence. Guns don’t kill, people do. 8 children stabbed to death in a Chine school attack……..not a gun in sight. 10 mowed down by a van in Totonto……….not a gun in sight.

  • John Smiths

    If you shop at wal-mart your just destroying whats left of America, which is not much, it supports every single perversion, target is the same. I have purchased automotive goods every once in a while but would never spend anything major in commie mart, let it die and become a fema camp and it’s cattle customers will soon be inmates, haha.

    • Bob Stevens

      Liberal: Walmart FEMA camps are just a conspiracy… herp der get your tin foil hat.
      *checks*… *finds*
      Old Walmart’s converted under Obama era being used as ICE detention Facilities.
      Oh they were very real… They have straight up said since ’16 election what they plan to do with libertarians, conservatives, and anyone pro-gun/pro-America…

  • nowiseenitall

    Come on America grow a set !! Between being harrassed to see a receipt after I pay my hard earned money when I try to leave Walmart , basically being accused of shoplifting and told they will call the cops if I don’t and now this? First off I couldn’t agree more with whopperplopper , honestly I’d rather give my money to the local gun shop anyway. I’m really tired of all this ” gun violence ” bs, all because of a few fools. Let’s use fear tactics to take our guns away and let’s get rid of our 2nd amendment while we are at it. More people are killed by texting and driving then gun violence, Walmart shouldn’t sell cell phones. Hey here’s a idea…let’s get rid of texting all together to save lives!! Yes sir, that makes sence right? What happened to this country of ours? Does anybody remember when a man was able to protect his family and not be shamed for doing so? Sorry for the rant, however this kind of propaganda irritates the heck out of me.

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