Missing Necklace Containing Son’s Ashes Has Been Found

KNOEBELS AMUSEMENT RESORT -- A woman who lost a cherished piece of jewelry at Knoebels Amusement Resort near Elysburg tells Newswatch 16 the necklace has been found.

Paula Morales was at Knoebels on Friday when she dropped the necklace containing some of her son's ashes.

The mom from Sunbury posted a message on Facebook in hopes of getting it back.

Morales tells us a woman from York called her Tuesday afternoon after hearing about the missing necklace on the radio.

That woman says her 14-year-old daughter found it in the parking lot, put it in their car, and had forgotten about it.


  • lamestream r

    Glad it’s found, but the moral of this story and life in general is: Property found is not yours, kindly turn it over to lost and found! I wonder if they would have come forward, if they knew the necklace didn’t contain human ashes?

    • lamestream r

      Wow seven people have a thumbs down on my comment! The part that amazes me is not they posted thumbs down, but they feel property found is theirs for the keeping! Ask any law enforcement official what they may think and learn the rules and laws! If properly turn over to the police the lost party has a have a set time for someone to come retrieve the item. If no one comes forward you can request for the item! Its simple folks, but I guess the new generation or influx rather keep it to themselves and break the LAW!


      How wonderful indeed. Now she has a tangible reminder every day that her son OD’d and she wasn’t able to stop him.

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