Loaded Gun Found in Carry-on Bag at W-B/Scr International Airport

PITTSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A loaded handgun was found inside a carry-on bag at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport on Tuesday.

Officials say a TSA officer spotted the gun in the checkpoint x-ray machine.

Police were called, the gun was confiscated, and a man from Jim Thorpe was taken in for questioning.

This was the third time this year TSA agents found a gun at the security checkpoint at the airport in Luzerne County.


  • Bob Stevens

    Hahahah the fake downvote bots are losing track of what is actually a progun comment. They are just picking up key words and downvoting. Censor or fake bot voting, we still are onto you CNN Jr

  • Bob Stevens

    If he had no ill intent with the firearm, he should be allowed to carry it. Your rights don’t stop magically at doors.
    All gun laws are infringements. The TSA shouldn’t exist. The invade your privacy and sexually assault you. They are nothing more but a device to condition us to government check points.
    You know what could have prevented 9/11… a good guy with a gun on those planes (if it happened as we are lead to believe)

    • not_pennysltucky (@ds18301)

      “If he had no ill intent…” Seriously? So which machine do you pass through to detect that? Or it’s simply fine if he has blond hair/blue eyes — must be a “good guy” (in spite of the fact that blonde hair/blue eyed “good guys with guns” have shot dozens of innocents at shopping malls, synagogues, churches etc nearly every week this year). Brown skin man with middle-eastern name speaking a language you don’t understand just “exercising his rights” too with loaded gun at airport??? Didn’t think so. Get real.


        I was wondering how long it was going to take until ‘stupid’ showed up.

        Thanks for not disappointing us J.

      • Bob Stevens

        Lets see…
        1). Shall not infringe.
        2). Innocent until proven guilty.
        3). Classic… you go with stereotypical everyone is a Nazi you disagree with.
        4). Last few shootings where leftist. All these mass shooters where know or reported and the government didn’t do anything. Likely False flags to push gun control. Vegas, Parkland, Christchurch, Dayton, El Paso… all Democrats with leftist views and or where allowed to commit acts.
        5). Even a “brown man” should still be able to exercise his right. Sorry but we aren’t all racists like you liberals who only look at identity politics. Freedom for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and whatever other identity you people love to throw around.
        6). See 1 and 2 for the only reason we need.

        You’re victim disarmament zone are where the vast majority of shootings happen. Criminals love helpless targets. Your irrational fear of guns should not affect my rights. Have you given up driving and eating fast food due to far more people dying form car crashes and heart disease? No? oh that’s because you liberals just virtue signal.

  • jsrant

    I don’t even want to hear that he forgot. This guy loses his right to a weapon and is imprisoned for at least 5 years no buts about it. Responsible gun owners wouldn’t think of trying this.


      So being a responsible gun owner you wouldn’t think about having more laws or consequences on the books, would you? Just enforce the ones we already have, right? Or do they just apply to the people and situations that you know all the facts about?


      Wait – wait, I think I know this one.

      The same thing when people drive distracted, under the influence, or recklessly? Is that it?

      Or would it be: ‘I’ll take legalized murder at my convenience for $500 Alex’ – ‘What is abortion?’

      See, the funny (actually it’s not funny, it’s rather sad and sickening) about people like you is all you do is carry on about guns but you turn a blind eye to other means of unnecessary death. You’re OK with babies being ripped from the womb or the occasional person killed by a drunk driver because ‘my body, my choice’ and ‘victimless crime’ but heaven forbid the demon that wants to protect themselves with a firearm.


        No, just laughing at the absurd logic that people like you use.

        ‘We need common sense gun laws. If it saves just one life…’

        ‘My body, my choice. I can kill the human growing in my body if I want to because it’s legal…’


        Nothing to do but troll since your Antifa uniform is at the cleaners getting the urine and fecal stains removed?


        Do you wear your pink pu**y hat out amongst the general public, or only when your face is covered by a mask and a dozen of your ‘friends’ are holding up a ‘resist’ banner? Bring it, cupcake.

      • Finnegan Pin

        Here. This should cheer you up. New knee-pads. My second-favorite use for them is when you scrub my floor, sweet cheeks. My first favorite? Well… ;)


        Your first favorite is the Antifa rally after-party when you get to wear them? I hear bukake is popular with your people and you especially like to receive.

      • pasturemuffins

        You self-righteous types scream about abortion, but let’s face it, you don’t give a rat’s butt about the kid after they are born. You don’t care if they are born to a crack whore, or into a house that is nothing but a meth lab, you don’t care if the baby is born into poverty and has no chance for a successful life, a decent education…YOU JUST DON’T CARE once the child is born. Want to get rid of abortions? Every pious, better than thou, bluenose out there needs to step up and adopt one of these unfortunate kids- yes, you feed them, raise them, educate them, but stop complaining about abortion unless you are stepping up to the plate. You aren’t- you just rail at abortion, without being part of the solution. And how many kids will be born into a drug infested environment today, with no chance for a decent life? And you’re ok with that? Shame on you.


        For once – just once – I wish WNEP would post the pictures of the people making comments – so we all could see what a complete and utter azz looks like. Here’s an idea – can’t afford the child? Don’t conceive one. There are plenty of services that are paid for 100% with tax dollars that prevent pregnancy. Nah, too complicated – just kill it if I can’t benefit from it.

        “Every pious, better than thou, bluenose out there needs to step up and adopt one of these unfortunate kids- yes, you feed them, raise them, educate them”

        Well fool – those that choose to be responsible and work for a living and pay their taxes do exactly that – and a lot of us are sick of it. And there are LOTS of people adopting children – according to adoptions dot org – around 140,000 each year.

        So for clarity – you think it’s better to kill unborn children before they’re born into a drug den – instead of them never being conceived at all?

        What have YOU done?

        Then shut your yap.

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