Kmart Closing at Bradford Town Center

WYSOX TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Another big-box store is closing its doors in Bradford County.

The Bradford Town Center near Towanda still has a Rite Aid, a grocery store, and a gym, but in the past two years, two national retailers have left the shopping center, and a third--Kmart--just announced it's leaving as well.

At the Bradford Town Center, Kmart tops the welcome sign. It's the anchor store of the shopping center, but Kmart will close at the end of the year.

"Kmart was the place you got everything. You wanted anything, you went to Kmart. They have everything. so now, it's like where do you go? Do we have to go to Binghamton?" asked Thomas Berry of Wyalusing.

Kmart confirmed to Newswatch 16 that the Towanda/Wysox location off Route 6 is one of the nearly 100 Kmart and Sears locations that are closing across the country by the end of the year.

"That store gets a lot of business. It's not packed all the time, but a lot of people depend on it around here," said Mike Bean of Rome.

Just in the last two years, two other national retailers closed in the same shopping center.

"I don't like seeing it. I like businesses to come in and stay around for a while."

Payless Shoesource filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its stores. In 2017, JCPenney also left the shopping center, and just steps away, there's a sign on Peebles storefront saying it is closing.

"Shock, I mean I knew Peebles was closing and obviously JCPenney is closed. It just seems like this place is turning into a ghost town. That sounds so hurtful but yeah, it's a tragedy."

Kmart officials say the liquidation sale is expected to begin in a couple weeks and the store is expected to close by mid-December.

We reached out to the management company that owns the Bradford Town Center, but officials were not available to make a comment.

Nothing has replaced the JCPenney yet, and there's no word what if anything will replace Kmart.


  • Barclay (@bvand91)

    Where is the Bradford County planning commission? State senator Gene Yaw? State Rep Tina Pickett? County commissioners? Planning commission? Chamber of commerce? This area is suffering from blight while they all are rubbing their hands. This area will continue to spiral downward. The lies of the natural gas boom. What boom? It’s now a ghost town. We are worse off than we were before the boom. My best advice is to leave.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    That shopping center is like a ghost town, already. Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh…………..people just don’t go shopping in stores, anymore, when they can order online with free shipping and free returns. :-( So sorry for all of the employees….

    • savescrantonhistory

      I’d rather shop in a brick and mortar store than give Amazon and more importantly Jeff Bezos a nickel of my money. Between how they treat their employees to the fact that they only rarely have their own sales that aren’t merely them matching other places it’s never usually the best option for me.

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