Flames Destroy Home in Mayfield

MAYFIELD, Pa. --  Rosalie Harvey and her dog Maisey are perfect examples of grace under pressure.

The pair was characteristically calm and upbeat after their mobile home along Whitmore Avenue in Mayfield was destroyed by fire Sunday.

"I don't even want to look at it, really. It was our home for many, many years, many years. I didn't think they burned that fast," Harvey said.

Harvey's next-door neighbor told Newswatch 16 she didn't hear a thing but saw an orange glow in her window around 10 p.m.  Sunday. The front of the house was burning and Harvey was still inside.

"When she came banging on the door, all I could see was a little flame going up between the microwave and the cabinet. By the time I got to go back there, I couldn't get through because the fire was coming down the hallway," Harvey added.

Now, the house she's called home for almost 40 years is a total loss.

The chief for William Walker Hose Co. in Mayfield told Newswatch 16 he believes the fire was an accident, but a state police fire marshal will come in and investigate further to see what exactly caused the fire.

Those neighbors who made sure Harvey got out safely are also helping her salvage what she can.

But if you have good neighbors, that's enough.

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