Pocono Tourism Officials Say Business is Booming

STROUDSBURG, Pa. – Tourism has always been big business in the Poconos but now it’s growing faster than ever, and experts say that’s helping everyone who lives in the region.

The most recent data available from the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau (PMVB) showed the Pocono region is the fastest-growing tourism region in the state. The number of people who visit has grown by more than 3 million in the last five years. Resorts like Kalahari and Camelback helped draw the record-breaking crowds.

PMVB President and CEO Chris Barrett noted, “The revenue that these jobs and these properties actually create means less revenue that I as a taxpayer or someone else as a taxpayer has to pay for services.”

Visitor spending supports a quarter of all jobs in the Poconos. Barrett said without the income from Pocono Resorts, every person who lives in the region would have to pay $1,500 a year to maintain the same level of community services.

Experts expect the tourism growth trend will continue as the Pocono region will soon welcome more tourist attractions including Pocono Springs, an entertainment and shopping complex.


  • Robert Paulson

    This Chris Barrett guy is absolutely full of s__t. Tourism is ruining quality of life in this area. See his “pick up the Poconos” litter commercial? Because he knows these walking wallets from the east are g’damn pigs. These low-earning “tourism” jobs can’t support one person, and definitely not a family. His fictional revenue that residents would have to contribute if it weren’t for “tourism” is a lie. Monroe County wouldn’t need the infrastructure to accommodate these pigs if they didn’t lure them here to line their pockets.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    President Trump has the American economy booming. More money in your pocket means more spending.
    Keep America Great. Keep democrats out of office.

  • not_pennysltucky (@ds18301)

    What nonsense. 95% of the jobs are at unlivable (i.e. minimum) wages — the big profits go out of the area. They receive sweetheart low/no tax deals. They pay nothing for the infra-stucture (roads, police, fire, traffic, crime etc etc). Tourism is a dirty, filthy industry that does nothing and destroys the quality of life for the region. Look at any area like the Poconos, Atlantic City etc that live off tourism and it is always the same story…

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