Crestwood Dumps Bus Company, Goes Back To Old One

WRIGHT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Crestwood is dumping Davis.

The school board voted yes Friday morning to getting rid of its new bus provider G. Davis and going back to its previous carrier, Rinehimer Bus Lines.

The board also plans to sue G. Davis for breach of contract.

School was supposed to start in Crestwood this week but had to be postponed until this upcoming Tuesday because of a major controversy over how long students would be on buses, locations of bus stops on the new routes, and having younger and older students together.

The district says these issued stemmed in part from the number of bus drivers provided by Davis.

"I asked them point-blank, 'do you have the drivers?' And they told me and other board members, our superintendent, our assistant," said Crestwood School Board President Bill Jones.

"We were informed that Davis did not have the drivers, they were not ready to go."

Many parents had questions.

"When is the schedule going to be made available to us, the parents?" asked one man.

Board members say this year's bus routes will essentially be the same as last year's bus routes.

Crestwood got rid of Rinehimer last year after state auditors found some drivers had expired clearances.

Rinehimer sued the district for breaking the contract, but now that the company is back, school leaders say that lawsuit is dropped.

Parents say they are happy things seem to finally be moving in the right direction, but they want more communication from school leaders.

"I would just hope for a little bit more you know the information. This week there was really nothing sent for the whole week when you guys knew for the whole week the drivers were not there, and it seemed like for the whole week no one knew what was going on," said John Klimek of Rice Township.

Because the start of school here had to be delayed because of transportation issues, the board also voted to change the school calendar, tacking two extra days onto the end of the school year, making the last day here June 5.


  • kimtom0913

    i don’t see the big deal with the younger kids riding the same bus as the older kids Wayne highlands and Wallenpaupack has been doing it that way for a long time maybe other school districts should take a look at what those schools are doing and if a parent doesn’t really want the child to ride a bus like that then drive them to school

  • whopperplopper

    anymore, teaching is a glorified babysitting position.
    that said, let the parents worry about getting their precious spawn to school & back

  • Giggity-MF-goo

    Closed door BS. This should have been ironed out weeks ago. Now countless lives have been affected over someones stupidity. School Boards across the US have failed time n time again, but its politics so its ok.

  • yougottabekiddin1

    It’s hard to get bus drivers. Part time, no benefits, CDL required with annual physical, background checks, subject to random drug tests (held to higher standard than teachers)! Not to mention idle time between morning and afternoon runs that are not paid, but they expect them to drop what they are doing for a schedule change (early dismissal, etc.) Like being on call between runs but not paid for it! Who in their right minds would work like this for $15-$18 hr. With no benefits? Not to mention dealing with parents! When you have to report “their little angels” for being disruptive, the fun starts! And don’t expect any backup for disruptive students from the school or the employer! And, don’t dare raise your voice to them! This is an underpaid, unappreciated job! BIG TIME!!!! I cannot for the life of me figure how they get anyone to work for bus companies! Now, the ones that are full time school district employees with benefits are another story. They get paid for their entire day and premium benefits. But the contracted bus company employees get screwed. I know wife works for one of these outfits. I think she’s nuts and the stories she can tell!

    • jsrant

      You hit the nail on the head with everything you said. Depending on what school your driving for you would want to carry a concealed weapon but cant. So your life could be in danger not to mention some teenage broad saying you looked at her wrong or said something. Now you have the cops involved. No thank you. You couldn’t pay me enough.

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