Bikes for People in Need through United Neighborhood Centers

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A retired couple has made it their mission to help people get from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between in Scranton.

When you think of the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Scranton, clothes and food may come to mind.

Now the center on Olive Street has something else to offer -- bicycles.

"I had one client that was walking from here to Dickson City, to and from to work, and we were having a conversation. 'Do you know where I could get some form of transportation?' And I said, 'I have a bike program and if you need it, I have a bike,'" said Mari Sanchez from United Neighborhood Centers.

Over the past four years, the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania has given out more than 200 bikes.

But where are the bikes coming from? We found the answer outside Gouldsboro. This bike project has been a group effort for Joe and Lori Perangeli.

Over the years, the couple from Clifton Township has worked on and repaired bikes that others have donated to them. Those bikes end up at the United Neighborhood Centers for people in need.

"Those that cannot afford a bike, they might need food to put on their table, clothes to put on their backs, especially at Christmastime for the little ones," said Joe Perangeli.

"They may not have a bus route that is in that area. They may not have a bus route that is available at that time. They cannot afford an Uber, etc. So really with a bike, they are able to do that," said Lori Perangeli.

The Perangelis and the United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania are still accepting donations of bikes, bike parts, and safety gear.

If you have a bicycle you'd like to donate, you can call 570-343-8835 or bring it to United Neighborhood Centers' Community Services Building located at 410 Olive Street, Scranton.

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