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Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle has Died

HONESDALE, Pa. -- A pedestrian died after being hit by a vehicle in Wayne County.

Josephine Crossman, 85, of Honesdale, was crossing 8th Street in the borough around 8:30 p.m. Monday when she was struck by a vehicle. Crossman died the next day.

The community in Wayne County is pitching in to help her only son.

"She's the best, wonderful mother anybody could have," Bill Crossman said.

Bill Crossman and his 85-year-old mother Josephine were walking home from Elegantes Restaurant and Pizzeria on Main Street in Honesdale on Monday night.

"And all of a sudden, there's headlights right square in front of me," he recalled.

Their house is a short walk away from the restaurant. They were crossing 8th Street when Josephine was hit by an oncoming car.

"I turned and looked and when I did, she's flying. The car hit her and she's flying through the air at least 10 to 12 feet."

She was taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital and then flown to Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton.

"I seen her before she went in the helicopter and I told her I loved her and I said, 'Don't leave me yet.' She was holding my hand and I said, 'I need you, don't leave me yet.' She kind of smiled and said, 'I won't.'"

She died the day after the accident.

"When something like this happens, it's just such a shock that your mind is scrambled it seems."

Bill has health issues of his own so he's out of work right now. His father passed away from cancer two years ago and he has no siblings.

A family friend has set up a GoFundMe for monetary and food donations.

Elegantes has also offered to be a drop-off spot for donations. Employees there tell Newswatch 16 Bill and Josephine were loyal customers and everyone loved waiting on them. Bill is very grateful for all the help.

"It knocked my head off. I couldn't believe it," Bill said.

Bill remembers his mom as someone who smiled through the pain. She suffered from arthritis and osteoporosis, but she would still try to do things for her son. Now, he says it's his turn to stay strong for her.

"I'm trying to do for her and keep going for her."

Honesdale police continue to investigate the crash.


  • Larry W Bridgett Jr.

    i know her son even spoke to her on a number of occasions due to her being bound to using a walker and slow movement she could not move very fast so she always used the crosswalks so she would be safe….well not safe enough now i myself have come close to being hit in broad daylight in the same place she was hit….i hit the button the driver was by scarfoloto’s at this point and i don’t move slow and this driver nearly hit me they did not slow down if i hadn’t been paying attention i would probably among the lost to thesr roads so …yes we have a wreckless driving problem in honesdale and this is the second person i personally know who has been killed

  • jranner

    So very sad. People drive like maniacs down main street, even when people are trying to cross at crosswalks don’t trust them. Rest in peace, prayers are with this man.

  • Giggity-MF-goo

    Details details details. We need that to accurately convict the driver with our Social Media Justice degrees. Bud in reality, details or more meat to your story would help convey what happened. Was she in the right or wrong? Was the driver under the influence or a politician? That info goes along way in preventing cover ups and such.

    • Elizabeth Worthington

      Since the accident is still under investigation, we could not supply any more official details from police just yet.

    • TJDexman (@dexman)

      I realize we have been told that it is still under investigation but it seams like there is a vial of secrecy to the identity of the driver. Was this a hit and run? Was the driver intoxicated/impaired ? Is this some sort of connected businessman, county or state official or family there of who should be stepping forward ? I hope this stays in the forefront and does not get swept under the rug hoping interest wanes or another story pushes it off the the heat.

      • Larry W Bridgett Jr.

        i’d love to know who did it and what this individual has to say for themself she was crossing 8th street not main i know were her and her son live…i actually have time off so i gotta get down there and see bill…. she has been moving through these streets for many years always had a routine of going out to eat she always crossed roads the right way waited for the lights she would not walk into moving traffic…the fact is we have an 85 year old woman bound to a walker crossing a side street she whom can not move very fast..has been moving these streets for years..yet now she gets hit? i want answers…not just for myself but for bill as well…

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