Mt. Carmel Area on Southern Columbia

Southern Columbia might have nine State Championships, but Mt. Carmel Area Senior Jack Chapman minces no words when he declares that it is time for the Red Tornadoes to take down the Tigers.

'This is all personal for us. We like to call this week 'Rocky Week'. I mean they might be Ivan Drago, but we're All-American Rocky. I mean, at any chance we can take that belt from them." said Mt. Carmel Area Senior Jack Chapman.
'We were the team on top, but they took that over, so it means so much to take that back and us to be the team to do it. I've said it since i was in 8th grade, I mean this is our team. this is the team to take down Southern. They were the powerhouse for too long. we're coming for them." Chapman, chirped.

Landon Stolar asked: "Why is this the team that could do it?"

'I mean, it's got the tenacity. we're all ferocious, we're all crazy.' Jack declared. 'I try to hear with these guys yelling out here. They don't want anything else but to win this game.
I mean, we all love hitting, we all love being nasty and that's what this game is all about."

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