Fitness Centers Merging in Lewisburg Area

EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It was a packed house at the Miller Center near Lewisburg as four organizations gathered to announce what they believe will change the future of fitness and wellness in central Pennsylvania.

Evangelical Community Hospital and Geisinger are taking over ownership of the Miller Center, a nonprofit recreation center. The Lewisburg YMCA will merge with the Miller Center and the facility will be run by the YMCA. It will be known as "The YMCA at the Miller Center, powered by Evangelical and Geisinger."

"We're going to use the YMCA rates, we're going to use how they work. People can move between YMCAs. I certainly am a little biased, but I believe this really is in the best interest of the community," Kendra Aucker said.

The Miller Center opened in 2017. The Lewisburg YMCA Express opened last year with the goal of expanding into a bigger facility with a pool. With this joint venture, two pools will be built here, and there will be a full-day child care center.

"Those were all steps we were taking to grow YMCA programming, interesting and support in this county and it really paid off," Bonnie McDowell said.

Members tell Newswatch 16 they're excited for the changes, especially the pools.

"Great idea, it's going to interest a lot of people. There will be a lot more memberships now because of that," Gordon Sheets said.

"It's a good deal, in fact, the other day I had just asked someone here with regard to where is the closest pool," Frank Forsha said.

The facilities will merge mid-December. No word on when the pools will be built.

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