A ‘Little’ Idea to Help Fight Hunger

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. -- A church in one part of Schuylkill County is trying to fight hunger, so they set up a little something so those who may be struggling can get a bite to eat.

Little free libraries like the one at Bubeck Park in Schuylkill Haven are popular in communities in our area. The concept? Take a book and leave a book. A church elsewhere in the borough has a similar concept, except it fits a greater need.

"There is some food insecurity throughout the county, and hopefully, this will help with that," said Linda Covert, Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church.

This is the Little Free Pantry, set up in the courtyard area of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Schuylkill Haven. It was erected this week to help fight hunger in this part of Schuylkill County.

"We know that there are many people who are food insecure here in this area and all areas. But here for instance, 50 percent of our children are on free reduced lunches in Schuylkill Haven," said Pastor David Rowe.

Members of the church came up with the idea about a year ago and now, anyone in the area can stop by and grab something quick and easy to eat if times are tough.

"Hopefully, it's something they won't feel ashamed to approach. It's semiprivate. We have crackers and ready-to-eat items, things that you need right away," Covert said.

"Perhaps you're working and don't have a lot of money and suddenly your car needs some tires and you don't have money to go grocery shopping and you can't find anything, this will at least get you through the day so you find something," said Rowe.

The little free food pantry will be outside the church 24/7.

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